In 2017, we decided to enter the fresh fruits and vegetables trading focusing on premium products with the highest demand worldwide.

Being a multinational company at this point with our offices and representatives in Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Egypt, South Africa and China helped us to have a deep vision and strategy in the market.

In the first stage of our fresh fruits and vegetables trading, we specialize our product in the best quality Orange.

Like most citrus plants, oranges do well under moderate temperatures—between 15.5 and 29 °C (59.9 and 84.2 °F) and require considerable amounts of sunshine and water. It has been suggested the use of water resources by the citrus industry in the Middle East is a contributing factor to the desiccation of the region. Another significant element in the full development of the fruit is the temperature variation between summer and winter and, between day and night. In cooler climates, oranges can be grown indoors.